Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Injured Veterans are Being tossed to the Curb

From my personal experience I would have to agree!

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This has got to STOP NOW!  Deny deny deny is how they treat us Veterans, and coming up on Nov 11th they will shake our hands and pretend they treat us ok.  Let's face it everything they do is all about saving money.  While I won after 13 years, they were only liable for 3 years of back pay.  5 years is what I should have received, but of course they didn't cause they will want to save money no matter the excuse.

Lucky for me mine was on the old system due to my application date, so at least I don't have to be on the NVC for the lump sum get out of our faces payment which is a fraction of what the old system was, but oh wait - if you don't like the one lump sum they will give you that lesser amount in four even smaller payments.

I guess I must be one of the Veterans "at a different level of service" than most others here:

as not only did I have to fight a brutal battle for 13 years but now after I won, they have chosen to ignore the specialists report who they finally did believe - I have to wait again for another hearing to present a second doctor's opinion.  But it is possible that the non-medical unaccountable board members like VRAB Board Members (Richard A. Rennie and Richard Bonin will find yet another excuse to deny another medical opinion.

The Spirit of Denial has gone on long enough.  Minister Fantino enough with the delays, do a Ministerial review and grant my percentage as it should be without any further delay.  And grant me the 5 years or back to the date of the original application as you REALLY SHOULD!

Oh ya, forgot to mention my own fight with SISIP and LTD, I had to take them to court, settled on the court room steps and then had to give my lawyer $20,000+.

Enough is enough Minister Fantino act for this Veteran NOW.

One Veteran, One Standard.

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