Wednesday, December 4, 2013

4 Therapists Quit Edmonton OSI Clinic

Mr. Peter Stoffer M.P.P. 

Dear Sir; 

          It is with heavy heart and dismay that I write this letter. How many more soldiers have to die at the hands of the current Government before those responsible for the deaths of the four young men who found life too painful to cope because of their PTSD? 

I was referred to the Edmonton OSI clinic. In Aug of 2013 for assessment and treatment for my diagnosed PTSD.  Everything  was going well with my weekly sessions until  early  Nov. 2013 when at the beginning of the session I was advised that my therapist and three others including the Manager had Quit their jobs in protest of the treatment and restrictions put on them while working with Veterans. 

At no time in the history of OSI have four therapists in one location Quit their jobs because of the poor treatment of Veterans and the therapist trying to help them. It is unheard of four therapists quitting their job in protest of the Veterans Treatment.   

As you may recall this time last year one soldier attempted to light a member of VRAB on fire in Edmonton at the local Veteran Affairs Office. VAC was warned that more and more soldiers would end up hurting themselves and others and yet nothing was done to help them. 

I was asked not to write or reveal what happened at the Edmonton OSI but I can no hold it in anymore. 

I trust that the God of the soldiers who took their own lives will take care of their souls and family and perhaps at the next election all Veterans will vote  to remove the Government who says over and over we have put five billion in to treating soldiers which is just not true. 

I am writing this with my name because I can no longer keep it a secret as requested. 

Murray Scott
Edmonton Alberta
A 47 year old proud Veteran. 

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