Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Veteran Reaches Out for Meds, VAC turns their back

It has come to my attention that a Veteran who is being treated by a Psychologist that is approved and paid for by VAC, has been denied Meds that this Psychologist and his family doctor suggested that he start taking due to the pensioned condition that he has been battling for many years.

VAC has denied those Meds.  Disgusting you bet.  But it gets worse and a bit complicated, but then again isn't everyones case a bit complex at times.

This Veteran fought a battle for 13 years with VAC to finally win last year.  He won finally in Aug 2012.  He had been put in for Depression due to the daily battles that his condition comes with, and was referred to the OSI Clinic in 2011.  The OSI Clinic stated that his depression was due to this condition, but because it was not a pensioned condition until Aug 2012, in March 2012 VAC came back denying his Depression as a sanctioned condition.

Fast forward to today, where his VAC Psychologist has determined that his Depression is from Severe to Moderate and that he should be on Meds.  He complies, goes to his family doctor, and his family doctor agrees as well.  The Family doctor even writes on the prescription that it is due to his now pensioned condition.  VAC denys the Meds because this is "consequential" to his pensioned condition and not that he actually has an approved Depression condition. Thanks for your support VAC.

Now this Veteran has to go back to the OSI Clinic to get them to rewrite the report unnecessarily all over again because of how the timeline feel, and currently VAC is turning their back on him, because that is their policy. Thanks VAC.
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