Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Spitirt of Denial at VRAB - great job Dave!

Veteran Watch is a collection (not organization) of like-minded veterans willing to take the time and effort to conduct meaningful research into the welfare of veterans. What Veteran Watch provides as evidence is well-researched and credible.  In this case, if the government cannot ensure and effective VRAB; Veteran Watch will document and comment.  

As the author of the attached document I give all recipients permission to disseminate to the public, other organizations, and the media.  See here for the document: Given the concerns voiced by the OVO, Parliamentary Committee and, most importantly, Veterans it was appropriate to conduct a review of VRABs behaviours. Peter MacKay MP and opposition members were included in the original email as the Department of Justice has a stake in the effective functioning of Federal Boards.

The report provided is the first of three that concern VRAB. The report indicates that VRAB has not adequately responded to the criticisms made by both the Parliamentary Committee and the OVO.  Instead it indicates that VRAB has paid mere lip service or "spun" its responses.  The second report is in production and examines how VRAB responds to Federal Court decisions.  The third report examines how Veterans perceive their treatment by VRAB.  Data collection of the third report has only recently begun.  

The effective functioning of VRAB directly affects every veteran who potentially requires the services of VAC. Those veterans adversely affected by the New Veterans Charter will feel the negative effects mentioned in this report more sharply than the rest of the veteran population.  

The original recipients of the email were politicians - they we sent their copies mere minutes before you.  Separate emails with the same content will be disseminated to elements of the media.  

Please direct all questions to the undersigned.


David T. MacLeod CD MA
Veteran Watch
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