Friday, April 25, 2014

The facts can no longer be ignored.

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The attached 8 April 2014 evidence based testimony finally sets the record straight on the Government, Veterans Ombudsman and the member organizations of the Legion's consultation group misinformation surrounding the NVC.

Were you aware that the three priorities put forward by the Legion's consultation group were randomly chosen to call the Government's bluff rather than priorities based on true researched, surveyed veterans needs?

A true Veterans Charter and social contract provides benefits for all veterans including the disabled meeting their needs from transition to civilian life through aging to the grave using the Pension Act as a cornerstone like the model for WWII and Korea veterans we qualify for. The sad part is that the Government, Ombudsman and veterans organizations know this but they advocate a lesser standard of care by hiding critical information and ignoring the Canadian Constitution.

The facts can no longer be ignored.

CF veterans, their families and citizens should be outraged by the discrimination, pain and suffering this deception is causing.

See documents here:

8 April 2014 ACVA
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